My name is Victoria Kuzlik. My dad and I were victims of domestic violence about 8 years ago. The YWCA of Sterling, IL helped us out by providing counseling for me for over 2 years. In December of 2016, my dad bought me some new coats and I asked: "what should I do with the old ones".  He told me to put them on the floor and we would find somebody who needs them. Later that evening, I had an idea to start a coat drive for those who helped me out so much. It started in the middle school here in Byron, where I was a 6th grader at the time. It grew very quickly from there. We collected over 1,000 winter wear items and raised $5,070.00 for them. This year we have set goals of 2,500 winter wear items and $20,000.00 in donations. Please help me reach my goals so they can help so many others!


My name is Robert Kuzlik. I am so proud of what my daughter has done with this event. She could of let these circumstances make her a bitter and non-trusting person. Yet she has taken what has been a very large negative in her life and made it into a very positive one that will continue to help many others in that type of situations in the future! Please help her to reach her goals this year in order to reach out to as many families as she can. Thank you!



Please Help Us Reach Our Goals!