How you can help

You can make a financial donation with the DONATE BUTTON we have on any one of our web pages. This will take you to our Generosity page.

You can drop off a gently used or new coat or winter wear items at one of our many drop box locations throughout the area!

You can alert us to any speaking request that you may have for Victoria. She has no problem speaking in front of crowds and has done so with a group of over 5,000 people. This can be civic groups, clubs, churches or any where else. Just contact us at (815)324-HOPE (4673) or at

You can share our story and information with anyone you know. Share it on Facebook and ask all your friends to pass it along also. 

It is a large goal this year and we are focusing more on the fund raising in order to help out all 4 shelters, but if we can get 1,000 people to donate $20.00 each, then we will make our goal.

The more we get out the word about the fund raiser and also to shine a light on Domestic Violence, the better off we are.

If we can make a difference in 1 persons life and help them move out of a violent situation or touch one child’s heart to let them know that none of what has happened is in anyway there fault, then it is all worth it. Victoria has taken something that was so negative within her life and made it so positive for so many others.